You might have heard the northeast area of the country got some snow this week. It’s true, folks. Winter happened…all at once….in one day. Northeast Pennsylvania is still digging out. Lucky for Granger and I, everything was shut down on Tuesday, which meant I didn’t have to go to work and she could get all the snuggles she wanted. We had about 18 inches when we got up in the morning. After that first time out in the snow, she was OVER IT. I’d open the door for her to go out, and she’d stop halfway out, as if to say “Ugh. It’s still here?! And there’s MORE?!”

My thoughts exactly, Granger. We ended up with almost 3 feet.

I didn’t even bother shoveling until Tuesday night, so I was all about Netflix and baking and eating way too much sugar all day. Granger was wiped out from running around and playing, so she was all about snuggles. So many snuggles. I got big puppy eyes every time I sat on the couch – “But Mom…don’t you wanna sit on the hard floor with me?” Since she’s not allowed on furniture, I couldn’t resist. She fell asleep on my lap multiples times and my heart melted. Every. Single. Time. She doesn’t often sit still for long, but when she does, she’s a cuddler!


Granger is a little more used to the snow now, especially since some of it froze into little ice pellets she can munch on. She can’t quite see over the snowbanks in our front yard, so now that they’re a little packed down she climbs on top of them to watch the cars go by or the kids at the daycare across the road….until her paws break through the top layer of snow. Then she’s stuck. I probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did the first time that happened.

Her new favorite toy is a tennis ball. She’s finally learned to not run head first into the dining room chairs when the ball rolls under them.

Yep. Proud mama right here.


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