Teeth and Training

One of my roommates was on vacation until yesterday, so for the past week, Granger and I have had the house pretty much to ourselves. We played, learned, snuggled, and scolded our way through the week. When she’s calm, she’s the perfect puppy – does what she’s told, chews on only her toys, and gives lots of kisses. When the energy hits, on the other hand…

One of the biggest struggles I’ve had as a puppy raiser is having to communicate to other people what isn’t okay for her to do. Biting is one of those things, even if it’s playful or not biting down hard. “Oh she’s teething, it’s okay…it’s cute!” Sure, it might be now. But we’re raising her to be someone’s eyes. That means she needs to be better behaved than most family dogs, and we’re raising her with that expectation. If she’s allowed to bite now, that creates habits for down the road that could potentially be dangerous for the person she’s placed with. In a nutshell, she’ll be largely responsible for someone’s life and we can’t raise her with anything but that in mind.

Okay, rant over.

For the most part, Granger is doing amazingly well. I made some treats for her over the weekend and have been using them to train her. She’s doing really well at “sit” and “come”, and she’s getting there on “stay.” Don’t worry, it’s not all serious business around here. She chases her toys and her tail and gets plenty of sleep and snuggles.

She’s still exploring the house too – I caught this video of her under the table the other day:

If that doesn’t make you smile, then I’m sorry…but you might be heartless. ☺


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