Huge props and standing ovations to all you mamas with infants and toddlers out there. I’ve been a puppy mama for 3 days now and let’s just say I’m glad I was prepared for lack of sleep. 

Granger woke up 4 times last night to go outside. This involves me putting on my coat, getting her out of the crate next to my bed, getting my shoes on, going downstairs, and, finally, going outside for her to squat for 10 seconds then lay down in the grass because she’s so tired. If it was warmer out and not frowned upon to sleep in your own front yard like a homeless person I might join her. So, we go back upstairs, she goes back in her crate, and I go back to bed to try to sleep for another couple hours.

But then in the morning, when Granger’s had her breakfast and I’ve had my coffee, we run and play and she pretends she can get away with biting everything. She’s exploring everything with her teeth right now – walls, floors, rugs, furniture, cabinets, you name it. But to her credit, she stops almost as soon as I scold her…usually. According to one of my roommates, she whines at my bedroom door while I’m at work. When I come home, she comes outside with me and won’t leave my side. She sits at my feet while I clean the kitchen after dinner.


No matter how draining the night might be, she finds new ways to melt my heart every day. 

But seriously, let’s hope this whole sleeping thing improves soon.


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